in the beginning of the 12km bush walk...

rock art sites.


going up.

the view.
alexi is little.


halfway point

Though we started in the morning, the afternoon was suddenly upon us and it was really, really hot.


this was the last of two aboriginal rock art sites on the lengthly walk... this particular area with many many hands stencils drawn over and over eachother are estimated to be over 20 000 years old...

the last view of the giant, large, huge rock mass we just finished walking around.


We arrived in Katherine and chose to visit Nitmiluk National Park. We stayed here at Edith Falls.

another sunset, another beer, another swimming hole with waterfalls... we are spoiled regularly.

and this is Victoria Bridge. This was the one preventing anyone from crossing into the Northern Territory from Western Australia. On the right there is a flood marker. When we arrived in Kununurra and were informed of the road closure, there was 5.83 meters of water over top of this bridge. That's quite a bit more than the sign can indicate.

Lake Kununurra in Kununurra...we camped here for quite a few days as we unable to cross a flooded bridge about an hour down the highway.

crocodiles, many many hundreds of crocodiles live in the Lake that we were camping beside for a few days... we went searching for them at night... if you shine a flashlight over the water you can spot their red/orange eyes quite easily. we spotted 15 in about 2 minutes. But they're only 'freshies'.. so they aren't so scary.

sunset beside the campsite

At Mirima National Park, we did a short walk through the sandstone moutains and hills.

the view at the end of the hike.

We went to Broome. We didn't do too much here except relax at this beach. Cable Beach.

there are many green tree frogs in Broome. they have sticky feet.

Driving into Karijini National Park. This was the first glimpse of the red rocks and blue skies of the Park.

Karijini campsite... the red earth of Karijini is red due to its richness of iron ore. according to an aussie we met, in the summer months the sun heats up the earth to such an extent that you would be unable to pitch a tent because the ground gets too hot and can damage your gear... crazy country.

everything in Karijini is red

Walking above Dale's Gorge...

Walking through Dale's Gorge.

gorge views.

Fern Pool. This is what was found at the end of the gorge walk.

rainforest, bottom of a gorge, fresh, clear, water...

Fortescue Falls. we had the whole place to ourselves for a little while.

another waterfall/swimming moment.

another pristine swimming hole.

We drove into the town of Tom Price at night. We woke up with a view of red red moutains in the morning.

..also staying at Tom Price Caravan Park...


On route inland after a fantastic week of ningaloo we encountered mountains for the very first time in a long time....

sometimes we have to sleep in rest areas at the side of the road. and sometimes these rest areas are home to dingoes.


Cape Range National Park, Exmouth, WA

Cape Range National Park just outside of Exmouth, may be the most amazing National Park if not most glorious bit coastline in the country. For just over a week a typical day consisted of snorkelling of the beaches around the campsite, lying on the beach, tanning on the beach, eating at the beach, beers at the beach, fishing at the beach, watching kangaroos near the beach, sleeping by the beach, scuba diving off the shores of the beach in Lighthouse Bay...etc. The Ninglaoo Reef is off the coast here so wonderful marine life exists just beneath the water. I wish I could live here.

And this was where we spent 8 blissful days. The very first morning during a refreshing morning swim (a swim taken each morning thereafter) we saw a turtle, a variety of rays, hundreds of fish and little reef sharks in the shallow water here at the beach.

Beachside campsite at Tulki Beach.

Snorkelling then lying on the beach was the major focus of our stay in Cape Range. This was just one of the great snorkelling sites near our campsite, Lakeside. Saw all sorts of things here.

You could also do a drift snorkel here at Turquoise Bay. Octopus, Sharks sleeping underneath coral, hundreds of colourful fish, etc etc etc were found here while snorkelling right off the beach. The Ningaloo Reef is glorious.

terrorizing sea creatures.

kangaroo tracks in the dunes.